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Raining Knives

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Horse/Bed, 2013
Milled aluminum, galvanized steel, screws, bolts, two-component resin
85 7/8 x 103 9/16 x 43 3/4 inches (218.2 x 263.1 x 111.1 cm)
Ed. of 3
© Urs Fischer

Installation at Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles

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Anne Sherwood Pundyk - Object Classification, 2013

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Disney’s Fantasia (1940)

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Behind - Pineapple & Watermelon Shoot

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Charles Burchfield

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Guanyin levitating over energy drink

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Bobby Gillespie - Backstage, Northampton c1989

This photo is from what turned out to be a very bizarre night which started with me turning my home over to the band when they came into town to play and ended at daybreak listening to Diamond Dogs. I know it looks like a living room, but it is actually the dressing room of the venue they played.

This photo, for me, illustrates what I love about the snapshot. The snapshot comes loaded with intimate connotations, as we mostly view them as family ephemera. Had this photo been taken on a SLR or medium format, it would have had that staged ‘paid for’ gloss that acts like a barrier. It would have been about selling something. In the snapshot, you get the experience- there is no barrier as it has the familiarity of a family snapshot. And that is why people are so quick to dismiss them. Personally, I love the familiarity!

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