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Donovan, (Retro porn magazine scan 1960s)

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Come On Wild!

1973 Frederick’s of Hollywood catalog

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SEXUAL FANTASIES U.S.A. (1973) director unknown sourced and scanned from Graphic Thrills American XXX Movie Posters 1970 - 1985 by Robin Bougie 

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Ingo Maurer, Big M table lamp, 1970. Ad in Abitare, 1971. Via Wright Auctions


listening to locust abortion technician and remembering the weirdest moments of my life

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Miriam Linna’s leather jacket at Lethal Amounts Cramps exhibit Oct.31st 2013 Los Angeles CA

A campaign by artist Christi Belcourt has produced 1,723 pairs of handmade moccasin vamps from craftspeople all over North America. Ms. Belcourt is preparing to launch a six-year, 32-stop exhibition tour that raises awareness of violence against indigenous women

The collaborative art project Walking With Our Sisters consists of 1,723 pairs of moccasin vamps – the top portions of a pair of unfinished moccasins – meant to honour missing or murdered aboriginal women.

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